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Mama Mastery is not about being a perfect or even a good mom.  It is about letting go of the self inflicted suffering that makes being a modern mom way harder than it has to be.

Mastering motherhood doesn’t mean that you toilet train by a certain age or make all of your own baby purees, it simply means that you accept the core truths about being a mom and make a decision to live in a state of ease and enjoyment.

This workshop is for mamas who:

*feel overwhelmed, stressed out and at the end of their rope

*are ready to stop being stuck in the chaos and start savoring the moments

*recently had a new baby and are struggling to manage all of the changes

*want to cultivate more compassion, confidence and calm at their core

*feel that something is off about the way they are experiencing motherhood 

*don’t want to let any more time slip by in this state of suffering through

Being a parent is hard.  It is a lot of work, requires a lot of your attention and energy and does not win you any awards or accolades in the process.  It is also what we make of it.  


So if you are tired and worn out from parenting and ready to make a change in the way you experience being a mom, this workshop was designed to help you.


Because while there will always be aspects of motherhood that challenge us, push us to our edges and require more from us than we may think we can give - we always have the ability to experience it in a way that best serves us and best serves our children.

In this workshop you will learn:

*how motherhood changes our brains, through pregnancy and breastfeeding or simply through the act of being our child’s primary caregiver

*how the shifts to our neurology manifest in our conscious experiences

*the 4 phases of competency and their cyclical nature in motherhood

*the doing of motherhood : the Me 2 C’s of action

*the being of motherhood : the High 5 C’s of desired states

*how to master your state of being and carry your desired state into whatever you’re doing

I am no different from you mama.  We all carry the same inner capacity for peace and to positively experience this hard job of being a mom.


For over the past 5 years of my life I have had the privilege of staying home to be a mom full time.  While this has come with its challenges, it has also offered me the time to get to the heart of what makes being a modern mother so dang difficult.


What I know now that I didn’t when I naively entered motherhood at 26 years old, is that it's way less about what we do as a parent that truly makes a difference for our children (and for us) and WAY more about how we are being as we do it.


Along with staying home to be the full time caregiver to both of my babies, I have been on a path of healing and self discovery, weaving together pieces of psychology, neuroscience, sociology, spirituality and personal development into the framework I am now sharing with you in this workshop.

Meet Your Teacher: Hey I'm Allison

*Mother of two young children with a third baby on the way

*Guru to myself who wants to teach you how to be your own guru too

*On a self mastery journey using my experience of motherhood as a compass

*NLP Certified Practitioner 

*Certified Hypnotist

I am so excited to offer this material to you and help you get started on a new journey of motherhood.  One where it feels less like a weight you have to carry, and more like a refreshing breeze you are lucky enough to enjoy.

Included with the workshop are:

*6 pre-recorded videos

*pdf workbook with follow up assignments for each video

*1guided meditation audio

*1 hypnosis audio

*instructions for creating your own affirmations audio

This workshop is the culmination of everything I wish I could go back and tell myself as I anxiously awaited my first baby.  It includes the principles and practices that have transformed me from frazzled and on the brink of mental collapse to the fun loving mom I always knew I was at my core.


Struggling through motherhood doesn’t mean you are a bad mom or unfit for the job, it simply means that you are a product of the current culture and need the tools and training to realign with your true and highest self.


It is my sincere belief that this workshop can help you do that.

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