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10 YouTube Videos for Those Dying to Understand Death

Trying to answer the question, what happens when we die? Watch these.

Zen story:

Young monk: what happens when you die?

Wise monk: I don’t know.

Young monk: But I thought you were a wise monk?

Wise monk: I am, but I’m not a dead one.

I can recall the specific moment, I was about 20, standing in my father’s kitchen, when I realized in totality that one day I would die.

It felt so heavy and yet so light at the same time. It was like I knew it all along, but I finally remembered what it really meant. My death is inevitable, and for the most part it isn’t up to me when it happens, but when it does, it’s final.

My flash of insight did little to inspire change in the ways I was living, and it wasn’t until a decade later when I would finally begin to really explore what it means to die.

Most people have a similar experience, or they’ve heard of one. Stage IV cancer, horrible prognosis, we didn’t know how much time she had left.

Really though, we don’t know how much time any of us has left.

So I started to wonder and to ask the childlike questions, what happens when we die? Why do some people have to leave earlier than others? Is there an afterlife and if so, can we stay connected to those in this physical world?

I had left behind the notions of heaven and hell in my teenage years and wasn’t about to go to any organized religion for the answers. So I went to where anyone goes to learn anything these days, YouTube.

Here are 10 YouTube videos that helped me form my own ideas of what happens when we die, I hope they inform and inspire your own thoughts as well!