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A Bedtime Routine to Help You Do Anything

If you want to grow in your personal development or simply struggle to fall asleep at night, here is an excellent daily practice for you to adopt.

I pride myself on falling asleep almost as soon as my head hits the pillow, but when it does take me a few extra minutes I try to make the most of it.

Just before we fall asleep, as we near the entrance to dreamland, our brain waves slow down from Alpha to Theta.

Being in Theta is like having direct access to the subconscious mind, where all of our programming lies. When we learn something to the point that we can “run the program” without any focus of our attention, it enters the realm of the subconscious. Things like driving, brushing your teeth, tying your shoes, etc. are some examples of such programming.

When we are drifting off to sleep and enter into Theta, we have a unique opportunity to hack the system.

Visualizing as you fall asleep is a powerful tool to change your life, because your brain can’t tell the difference between you daydreaming it or you actually doing it.

So if you are visualizing yourself walking confidently into the meeting, taking the attention to really imagine it fully, understanding how it would feel and look, embracing the experience through all of your senses - you are basically getting a dress rehearsal for the actual event.

This technique is especially popular with athletes, who can make foul shots or throw perfect pitches as they drift off. Repeatedly experiencing the mental representation of the event causes physiological changes and increases mental acuity.

This visualizing practice isn’t just to improve the performance of professional athletes or to try to rewire your brain, this life hack can also work if you just need help falling asleep.

Many teachers working with the Law of Attraction also tout this method as a way to manifest your desires into your physical reality.

It might sound like woo woo magic, but as they like to say in Neuro Linguistic Programming - the conscious mind is the goal setter and the subconsious mind is the goal getter. So when you program those desires in deeply enough, you will subconsicouly find ways to make things happen.

So tonight, as you brush up against Death’s much hotter and less creepy younger brother, Sleep - put this into practice and visualize, what you want to realize.