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A Zen Den & Prenatal Yoga at Home

At home workouts are so much better when you have a designated space, here is mine and a trick for keeping a yoga routine while pregnant!

little boy next to open drawers standing in front of a closed door in meditation room

I am so excited to share my new meditation and yoga room! It is the perfect place to leave my mats permanently rolled out and I have been trying to get into a routine of waking up when the house is quiet and heading down for some calm, candle lit time to myself each morning.

The Zen Den

Our house has a unique room that has a closet for the laundry, furnace and water heater. The actual room is just a long rectangle with one small window, which previously I had set up as an office and kid art space, but it just became too cramped with all of us in there working on stuff. I moved the desk and art supplies to the nook off of our kitchen where we spend more time and it's easier to supervise the use of scissors and glue, so I was left with a nice big empty space to play with.

meditation corner with mirror and plants on stand blue wave wallpaper

I put up this blue wave removable wallpaper, which was easier to do than I had anticipated and it really sets such a tranquil mood. Under the window I have a mirror and my yoni steaming stool makes the perfect plant stand while it is out of commission during my pregnancy. I have a small set of drawers that hold my tarot decks, and some books that I reference for my spiritual practice. Right now I am slowly dipping into The Book of Serenity and I lean on The Tao of Motherhood pretty regularly too. Atop the drawers I have some crystals, a small sound bowl and some palo santo, along with an oil diffuser and some glassybaby votives.

I have a jute rug with a leather pouf where I will sometimes sit to meditate, and on the opposite side of the room I have my yoga mats, with a few blocks and pillows within arms reach. I have another small set of drawers next to a child sized rattan chair, which is meant to act as a calming space for my kids, but in all honesty it rarely gets used as such. The drawers are full of kid yoga cards, glitter calm jars and books with mindfulness activities for kids. We have the Time In kit from Generation Mindful, but again it’s something we are still working on integrating.

vintage seattle tray with buddha airplant and zen paint board

Finally, on top of the kid drawers sits a vintage tray holding our zen paint pad, which you just paint water on and then it dries so you can use it again and again. This is something my kids actually do use a ton and I can attest to its calming properties.

Prenatal Yoga at Home

Now that I am out of the first trimester and don’t feel like I’m going to hurl my cookies all day, I have been attempting to establish a daily yoga routine. I keep pretty active keeping up with my two kids and we are blessed with a split level which means I often am climbing stairs, but I want to have a dedicated time where I focus on my body and baby each day.

Since I will be going for a second vbac, my doctor would like me to have an epidural, but my goal is to hold out and birth naturally for as long as possible which means I really want to prepare for this birth. I think there is no better way than prenatal yoga!

toddler in cobra pose at home yoga room

I have been a long time fan and user of the Down Dog App, which a yoga teacher friend of mine introduced me to. So I was ecstatic when I found that they also have an app specific to prenatal yoga! Whether you are a pro or new to yoga, it is so important to tailor your practice to the changes of pregnancy and this app does that for you.

What is so great about these apps (they also have workout and barre options) is that you can custom create a practice for your needs, wants, available time and goals. You can set the music genre, the length of the practice and length of savasana and add a boost that will focus on the area of your choice. For example the prenatal app has options like pelvic floor strength and birth preparation.

Their apps are subscription based and totally worth it in my mind, plus right now you can get 33% off the yearly subsrciption rate. You will want to sign up through their website, rather than through the app to access this sale. Even without a discount, I really need something to help keep me active since here in my home state of Washington gyms are currently closed, again. (FYI I'm not an affiliate, I just truly love and use this app!)

Even if gyms open in the coming months, I don’t plan on going back until the vaccine has put this pandemic behind us. Pregnancy weakens the immune system and I just don’t want to take the risk of landing myself bed ridden or in the hospital if I can avoid it.

I hope this inspires you to create your own space either in your home or in your day to zen out a little and care for yourself!



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