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"Bb" Zen Kids Activities FREE Printables

Simple, easy to set up activities to help keep your toddler or preschooler engaged at home.

I am so excited to share these fun activity sheets wth you! Having my 3 year old home with me full time I have started to get a little more creative in how we structure our day, and have found a happy rhythm using daily bins filled with little things to offer up to him in moments when all he wants to do is watch another episode of Paw Patrol.

I also offer these up to my 5 year old once she gets home from preschool, since we are still quite limited to where we can go and what we can do outside of the house.

Both of my kids enjoy these simple little activities and I find it super helpful to have a stash of these types of things for a rainy afternoon or when someone shows interest in number work or beginning sounds.

Setting up bins on the weekend for each week day makes getting them started on an activity extra quick.

Get your activity sheets!


I had used these self laminating sheets so that the maze page could be used again and again with a dry erase marker (you can also use page protectors and store them neatly in a little notebook), but it was his idea to drive the miniture construction trucks though it first. Needless to say, using the mat two ways extended the length of this activity and he was happy with it for 20 minutes or so while I put lunch together.


Again using the laminating sheets, plus these little velcro dot stickers, I cut out the stones from the page with the scissors icon and set up a little treasure hunt in our mini sandbox.

My 5 year old will match the stones to the page quite quickly, so the sandbox offers her something to keep working with once she has finished.

As for my 3 year old, he quite enjoys the digging part and will reburry the stones to repeat the activity again.


Both of my kids love naming beginning sounds, or the first sound in a word. This is a key pre-literacy skill so we try to play along as much as possible.

Here I have set up a "b"owl of "b"eads, with several "b" pictures hidden, ready to be velcroed to the "Bb" page. I fall into the school of first teaching the letter sounds (this translates to reading with much less confusion), and waiting until they have mastered those to worry about the letter names. So this would be taught as "buh" rather than "bee."

I offer up different utensils like scoops or tongs, add a few other little bowls and it creates quite the little sensory experience for the sound "buh."


My daughter started at a Montessori preschool when she was my son's age, but for a multitude of reasons we plan on waiting until 3.5 for him to start going.

He shows a lot of interest in numbers though so I have wanted to start working with him on matching numericals to quantities. The activity sheet set includes a page for 6-10 as well, but for him we are working on gaining a solid foundation of 1-5 first.

When I first introduced the activity I included our sandpaper number cards with the quantity shown by clipping clothespins on the cards. Now I simply help him to count a bead first as an example and then allow him to find the matching set of pictures and drawing the line (his lines are never as direct as the one I have shown here!)


You simply can't beat some classic coloring. Pincher grasp fitness hidden within an artistic outlet is a mama's best friend. My daughter took until right around age 5 to get her grip down and despite me worrying about it, it kind of just resolved one day and she switched how she held pencils, crayons and the like with no looking back.

These are just a handful of the pages included in the "Bb" Zen Kids Activity Sheets and I hope they offer fun for your little ones and some moments of Zen for you!



Zen Kids Activity Sheets
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