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Children's Books : Love + Heart

Book picks for a lovey dovey themed basket to help infuse more moments of mom's attention into our day!

I love a good theme! I find that it helps me to be consistent with certain parts of our routine, especially if it is something new that I am trying to add.

Right now I am trying to infuse a reading basket into the flow of our day, so choosing books around a theme is how I’m kicking things off.

With this month holding Valentine’s Day, in an attempt not to overthink things I went with a loose theme of love and hearts - so original!

I did also include a few books that are actually about the circulatory system and the hearts in our bodies, so I’m trying to keep the toy stethoscope in the basket as well to help make it a little more interactive through the denser reading.

The basket sits in our living room next to the tv, so I’m planning to use it as a diffuser for once it is time to turn the tv off, or for instances when I say no to the tv and also want to provide an alternative that includes time with me.

Admittedly I am not the best at playing with my kids, but reading is something I am always happy to do and is a nice moment of connection for us. Lately though it seems like this is mostly only happening at bedtime and I would like to spend more time with our books during the day.

I’m hopeful that as we establish this little staple of themed books as a tv alternative, not only will there be fewer instances of whining, meltdowns or debating about tv time, but (fingers crossed) maybe they will actually look forward to these pockets of mom’s attention and it will be them going to the basket for a book first.

Do you do anything similar to this in your home? I know morning baskets are very popular with some families and would love to hear how other mamas make these things work, leave a comment below!