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Creating a Yoga Space for the Whole Family

A new Zen Den, complete with all the things to get kids into yoga and mindfulness!

We are getting ready to move to our forever home! It is so surreal, it kind of feels like a daydream.

We will be moving home to the town where my husband and I both grew up, a block away from his childhood home, out in the farm fields where we will be surrounded by swans, eagles and each spring - tulips!

I am soooo excited about the house and the property, being close to family and having the security of knowing we will not be moving again until we are very old and very grey.

I’m also just a sucker for homemaking and I really love planning out each special spot and getting to create spaces for my family to make memories.

So you know I have been all over Pinterest and Etsy just thinking of allll the things I want to do in this new house!

One room that I am especially giddy about sits between the dining room and what will be the kids’ playroom. It has a big south facing window and gorgeous fir floors. We are going to use it as a multipurpose music / yoga + meditation room, so I just had to share my finds for the new Zen Den here!

This is a little collection of things I plan on adding to the space:

I especially wanted to include things that would encourage the kids to play around on the mats and get more curious about yoga and breathwork.

I love this circular cork yoga mat with the tulip details. It’s pretty while not being distracting and it’s just the right size for a mini yogi to roll around on.

I’ll be including our calming corner set up from our Zen Den in our current house, and these printable breathing exercises will be the perfect addition. The illustrations are so kid friendly and the arrows make them easy to use even before kids can read. This mountain climber one is especially adorable.

I also am excited to update the laminated dice and cards we have now with these wooden yoga dice and wooden yoga pose game. The kids actually like to use the ones we have now so I think these will be a big hit. Plus they are cute enough to put in a little basket and leave out.

Another thing I am stoked to test out is this little yoga activity game. Our kids are all about board games, and the Candyland-esque vibe I think will get them really intrigued.

The main focal point will undoubtedly be the guitars hung on the wall (and maybe a cute piano?!) but I’m also so into these simple prints that I think coordinate well while also paying due respect to our favorite pastimes.

My husband has wanted a circle of fifths poster for a long time and you would be hard pressed to find one prettier than this one. The same shop also makes this guitar chord poster which I love as a reference while teaching little hands to play.

I love these simple line yoga pose drawings and this I think this etheral print sort of ties it all together.

I can’t wait to see it all come together and share with you how it turned out! I’m especially anxious to see which items most entice the kids and will update you with what activities they were most drawn to and what ends up getting used most.

While I know not everyone has the space to dedicate a whole room to these things, I do think carving out even a tiny corner for some calm and Zen practice can make such a difference in cultivating peace in our homes.

I hope you find some ideas here to inspire your own version of a “Zen Den” that can bring some calm to the chaos in your life!




You can see some of my other ideas for the space, as well as get a glimpse of what I’m thinking about for the rest of the house here.