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HEAR & Now : Monthly Podcast Pick

JULY 2020 : Kathrin Zenkina's Manifestation Babe Podcast

The number of ah-ha moments I have experienced listening to Kathrin teach are too many to count at this point. She stretches my thinking, pushes me to my edges and always leaves me feeling ready to reach my fullest potential. She has introduced me to so many other great teachers and resources which is part of why I love tuning in to her podcast and keeping up with what she is learning about, what practices she is applying in her own life and witnessing her amazing understanding of our universe and how best to flourish within in.

JUNE 2020 : Layla Saad's Good Ancestor Podcast

Pursuing how she herself can ensure that she is one day considered a good ancestor, Layla explores a variety of avenues to achieve this through conversations with change makers and culture shapers.

This podcast freely offers some powerful content around race and issues of racial justice that anyone who is looking to be more educated on those topics can learn from.

MAY 2020 : Tara Brach

My next Audible credit will be going towards one of Tara Brach’s books, but in the meantime I absolutely devour her talks which she makes freely available via her podcast.  Not only is Tara a trained psychologist, a devoted Buddhist teacher and an inspiring mother - she is dang funny as well.  I really appreciate her balance of all things heavy and deep with her anecdotes and funny stories.  Her talks are interspersed with a large collection of guided meditations all of which are spilling over with insights, wisdom and LOL moments about this human condition we all experience. 

APRIL 2020 : Janet Lansbury's Unruffled

Janet is such a source of calm for parents everywhere. She has years of experience working in early education settings and with all kinds of children and families. The podcast is formatted with her answering real questions that parents send to her, and the advice is soothing in and of itself, let alone putting it to practice where an often counterintuitive approach works so well. Unruffled has helped me face so many parenting challenges with a calm pressence. Also make sure you check out her book along with my other parenting favorites.

MARCH 2020 : On Being with Krista Tippett

Through deep conversations with thought leaders and people from all corners of humanity, Krista explores what it really means to be human and what we all share in this experience of life. She covers such a breadth of topics and talks to so many interesting people with such diverse stories, there is so much to be learned through these chats.

FEBRUARY 2020 : The goop Podcast with GP and Elise Loehnen

This podast dives deep through insightful conversations around a wide variety of topics, including but not limited to - redefining success, the power of the unconscious mind, the skin gut connection and demystifying energy medicine. So many gems and gold nuggests to be found throughout this library of informative episodes. I pretty much always walk away feeling more wise and fit to live a wonderful life.

JANUARY 2020 : Ologies with Alie Ward

This podcast is not only wildly entertaining and educational, with topics ranging from personality psychology to frogs, but it is also one of the only shows my husband and I both enjoy.  He is into history, me not so much.  It brings peace to our car rides, I hope it can do as much for you.