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Household Washing Machine Microplastic Filter Comparisons

You can help stop microplastics from washing out of your clothing and into the ocean!

It was not that long ago that I learned about the horrors of microplastics and how every time I wash my favorite athleisure attire I am adding to the problem.

It was not long after that, that I learned my washing machine has a filter that is meant to be cleaned every two months.

My washing machine is 5 years old and I just figured this out. I found a year+ old breastmilk pad inside its filter. Moving on.

This all brings me to now, as I put these two discoveries together and start acting like a responsible adult and citizen of planet earth by adding a microplastic filter to my washer!

In researching the different options available I quickly found there isn’t one filter that is capable of catching all of the plastic threads (yet!)

This is why it makes sense to use several of the currently available options together as a sort of tag team against these disastorous little plastic fibers.

The more effective set ups do require some basic plumbing changes to your current washing machine, but most claim that they can be done in 30 minutes or less.

All of the methods include the added step of taking the collected fibers and properly disposing of them in the trash. Some companies even suggest collecting them in their own plastic bag to keep them from entering the air.

The level of maintenance varies, sometimes including additional costs as you would need to buy replacement liners or cartridges for the filter.

Personally I am going to be taking the first step by testing out the Cora Ball, for its ease of use and then from there may try the model by the fitness clothing company Girlfriend Collective.

I am also going to start implementing some new washing habits that can reduce the release of synthetic fibers.

What I would really love is if they just made additional liners for my existing machine, but I haven’t found anything of the sort. I’ll continue to update this post as my microplastic filtration story unfolds.

The washing machines of the future will likely all have filters that can handle all of this heavy lifting without us having to worry about it, but until you have one of those, consider adding an extra filter to your existing model.

Planet Care / GuppyFriend Washing Bag / Lint-Luv-R / Filtrol / Girlfriend Collective / Cora Ball

I hope this helps anyone shopping for one of these washing machine filters!