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How to Set Clear, Yet Subtle Boundaries with Baby's First Visitors

If you birth it, they will come. Here are some items that can help make visiting hours more enjoyable (and helpful)!

Having a new baby means having a massive influx of visitors. That great aunt who you haven’t heard from in years, she’ll be stopping by - along with every parent, grandparent, sibling, friend and baby obsessed neighbor and distant relative. Especially if this is your first.

While having visitors can be lovely and it is nice to see how many people love your new addition, it can also be pretty overwhelming when you are wearing an adult diaper, are trying to figure out breastfeeding, haven’t cleaned your house since that nesting surge before leaving for the hospital and might have mood swings sending you into fits of sobbing.

Having just given birth you will likely be in somewhat of a delicate condition and may not be at your best to navigate clear boundary setting, which is why doing some groundwork before baby comes can be really helpful. Whether you include some things like ideal visiting hours in your birth announcement, or have a partner who can stick to your wishes, planning for visitors is critical to easing into the transition of motherhood.

We all know though that even with the best of intentions, things don’t always go as planned. Which is why having a few more layers of boundaries ready will come in super handy when your house is flooded with guests all sitting around like they’re at some happy hour, and you are worrying about your next feed or the clothes getting musty in the washing machine.

Here is a collection of some subtle, yet clear ways to provide your visitors with some concrete ground rules, ways they can help and hints at when to cap their stay.

Shhh, Baby Sleeping Sign

While the baby might just be fine, usually loud noises can be a trigger for mom, whose brain is on high alert for danger. Set the tone for a smooth visit with a quiet entrance.

Barking Dogs Sign

Again, it may seem obvious, but most people will need a reminder that you have pets or that quiet is the preferred volume.

Please Remove Shoes Sign

This is just straight up cute for any time, but when you have a zillion people coming into your house and not a ton of time or energy to vacuum, this can be a real sanity saver. Not everyone finds taking shoes off the norm, so a bold and clear sign at the entrance can be a helpful nudge to slip off those sneakers.

Please Wash Hands Sign

While hopefully most guests will now be vaccinated and be well aware of proper hygiene, it never hurts to have a reminder around to help keep people diligent around stopping the spread of germs.

Feeding Tracker

I love the idea of keeping your recent feed up on the fridge or out where people will see it. This shop also has a version for bottle fed babies where you can write down how many ounces they had. I would write on there as well about how often feeds are happening, this should give people an idea of when they need to clear out and offer mom some privacy.

Chore Chart

This is another great item to leave out on a clipboard or on the fridge where visiting eyes can see it. Just putting things like unloading the dishwasher or switching the laundry with an empty box to check next to it will act as an invitation to jump in and help out. Many people want to do these things, but without being asked outright may feel like they are overstepping. Here is a simple way to put it out there that you could use a hand.

Clean / Dirty Dishwasher Magnet

This is a super simple system to use when there are many hands helping out. It tells guests, “hey I’m clean and ready to be put away!” or “please put all of those water glasses you just used in here!”

Dog Fed Sign

If you were puppy parents first, feeding the dog is a daily chore that people can easily help with. This can go on the list on the fridge, and these little signs can be by the dogs bowl or food making it clear when this task has already been completed for the day.

I hope something here helps you to properly protect your precious baby bubble!