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Making a Pact to Make More Sustainblae Clothing Purchases

Buying fast fashion is cheap, easy and really bad for the environment, but doing better has been made simple with classic organic cotton pieces - check out my summer picks!

One thing I think most of us can agree on is that we can each do our part to heal our planet by making little changes to our habits, routines and everyday choices. Not only is it a way to bring more intentionality to our lives and an invitation to become curious, but it is a willful act of care for our children and future descendents.

For me, the area that has been the biggest struggle when it comes to making more sustainable choices and acting on my environmental awareness is buying clothes! I like to look put together, but fashion has never really been my thing and I keep things pretty simple when it comes to what I wear on a day to day basis.

Black Midi Dress | Striped Jumpsuit | Blue T-Shirt Dress

Because of this, it has been hard to make equitable and sustainable purchases, often because I just want a white t-shirt or something super basic and it feels painful to shell out serious coin on something you can also get for way less.

Working to shift my mindset around the true cost of clothing has been made a lot easier by finding brands like Pact, that offer equitable and sustainably made basics for prices you can wrap your head around.

Easy Joggers | Essential Vintage Sweatskirt | Essential Vintage Cardigan | Crop Pants

I really love the simplicity of their styles and how each collection basically serves as a capsule wardrobe. The less energy I have to put towards piecing together outfits - the better. These are all of my top picks for spring and summer from their women’s line.

This Earth Day I am wearing Pact (they even have great maternity stuff!) as a pledge to being more committed around making clothing purchases I can be proud of.

Not only do they use organic cotton, which saves water and keeps harmful chemicals out of the environment and away from farmers and field workers, but they also have all of their garments made in equitable factories that prioritize people over profits.

Stretch Fit T | Drapey Split Back Pullover | White Pocket T

They make clothes for everyone in the family, and even offer bedding and bath linens. Your first purchase is always 20% off and they ship worldwide.

Pact is working towards becoming Earth’s favorite clothing company and they are also becoming mine!

Happy Shopping,