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Mindfulness Activites for Kids That Totally Rock

Have rocks, will play.

Whenever I can find activities to do with my kids that involve nature, aren’t messy, use free materials and can easily be repeated as independent play - I consider it a total mom win.

For there to be skill building, educational and mindfulness elements included as well, that’s when an activity for kids totally rocks in my book.

So here lovely person, just trying to keep your kid entertained without relying on screens or risking a Jackson Pollock moment on your walls - are 5 awesome activities you and your kids can do using…


Any other supplies required you can likely find in your junk drawer.

numbered rocks on tray

Number Lineup


Chalk Pen

Write numbers on individual rocks. Mix them up and have your child put them in the correct order.

large rock with rubber bands around it to create a nature loom to weave grass and flowers through

Nature Weaving

Large Rock

Rubber bands

Collected flowers, leves, sticks

Secure the rubber bands around the rock creating rows. Weave your collected items over and under the rubber bands until the rock is covered to your liking.

rocks arranged into a circle and a square with chalk pen lines creating a puzzle

Shape Puzzles

Assorted rocks

White chalk marker

Layout the rocks to form different shapes. Then use the marker to draw the line of the shape so that it creates a puzzle. Provide example cards or objects and let your child piece together the different shapes.

paper with heart outline drawn on it, basket full of rocks, rocks halfway filling in heart outline

Fill in the Shape



Assorted rocks

Draw a shape on a piece of paper. Have your child use the rocks to fill in the shape.

paper with lines drawn on, small rocks layed on the lines, tongs resting on page and basket of rocks in the corner

Follow the Lines



Assorted rocks (small)

Tongs (optional)

Draw different kinds of lines on paper. Have your child use tongs or their fingers to line up the rocks along the line on the paper.

white tray with piece of paper, lines traced around rocks to create a matching game

Stone Matching



Assorted rocks

Trace the outline of the rocks on the paper. Have your child match the rocks to the corresponding outline.

Simple, easy, entertaining and dare I say - rockin' awesome. Go get your zen on folks!