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What to Binge Watch on Netflix for a Zen 2021

Binge doesn't have to be a dirty word - there is plenty of amzing content out there that can nourish your mind and inspire your spirit!

As many of us continue to live our lives mostly at home and in isolation, Netflix is a great escape from the monotony that can become daily life. More than that, it can provide an outlet for learning and even expanding our awareness. The mind is what we feed it, so here are some delicious treats for you to mentally savor as we head into 2021.

Surviving Death

I was so excited to see this documentary series pop up on my Netflix feed. Similar to the rabbit hole I went down when my best friend was diagnosed with stage IV cancer, each episode dives deep into a topic that attempts to help us answer the age old question, “what happens when we die?”

Covering subjects from near death experiences and mediumship to signs and reincarnation, Surviving Death combines anecdotal and empirical evidence to support that consciousness does not end with the flat lining of our brain waves.

I did have an issue with some of the less credible folks that they gave a lot of air time to, but I think it is always good to show the full spectrum of a topic. So in the cases of supernatural phenomenom that will always include stuff that is possibly fictional.

A must see for all of us living in a human body and especially for those dealing with a fear of death or dying.

Headspace Guide to Meditation

I have long been singing the praises and spreading the news about the amazing meditation app, Headspace. Similar to the app, but completely free with your Netflix subscription, the series explains the methodology and science behind meditation practice.

At the end of each episode viewers can enjoy a guided meditation with Andy, Headspace creator and former monk, giving the opportunity to break up your binge watching with something a bit more substantial.

A great introductory course on meditation and a super simple way to take your mindless zone out time up a notch.

The Mind Explained

This 5 part series of short episodes, is a super jam-packed lesson on the mind. Covering key topics like dreams, anxiety, psychedelics, memory and mindfulness - this quick schooling on the most recent science surrounding our inner workings is absolutely fascinating.

If you are here on this blog, working to be all zen in your approach to life, this series is full of helpful and insightful information to assist you in your pursuit.

Minimalists: The Less is Now

As a modern American mom, I have had my fair share of Amazon deliveries. As someone expanding their awareness and implementing a more mindful way of living, I also acknowledge that I have bought many things I did not need, haven’t really used and end up getting rid of.

This documentary takes a deeper look at our consumer culture and offers the anecdote to overspending, materialism and being bogged down by the physical - minimalism.

Full of thought provoking questions and examples of people living a simpler life, this look at the new American dream will have you cleaning out your closets.

What are you watching right now on Netflix? Leave your recent favorites in the comments!